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GGC's mission is to assist small and medium size companies in expanding exponentially, establishing a presence in their...

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A catering company, established for more than 10 years, was trying to expand their current service to schools...

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Last year, the public sector invested nearly 236 billion pounds on goods and services, hence this is a great selling opportunity ...

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Private Sector

As a result of tax cuts, most small businesses that relied on these contracts will have to look elsewhere for business.

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Private Sector

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Successful tendering for private sector contracts

As a result of tax cuts, most small businesses that relied on these contracts will have to look elsewhere for business.  The adjustment into the private sector isn’t easy and changes will need to take place.

How can I find a private sector contract for tender?
Most private sector contracts are advertised word of mouth.  It’s tough to be lucky the first time and talking with people and networking is your best bet.  This process takes time.

Ask around and do some research.  The more people you get to know, the better chance you have of securing a contract.

What are the major differences between private and public tendering?

Well the private sector is more blunt and to the point.

In the public sector you win when you eliminate the competition.  Whereas in the private sector, the firm that is most noticeable will win.  Here there is a little bit more freedom.

There is more negotiating in the private sector and they don’t really care about being ‘fair.’  Here, it’s who you know!

How do you make the transition?

The processes are similar for both the public and private sectors.

In general, most of the business is one when you’ve a similarity with the procurer and some sort of instant connection.  If you are clear, dependable and have the knowledge and skills to deliver, you should do well with attaining contracts.

What do private sector contractors look for in a tender?
You must be fully compliant or you haven’t a chance.  As well, you need to immediately prove to them you have experience, are dependable and can deliver exactly what they want professionally and thoroughly.

You need to have a good price and prove you bring good value to the table.  Be honest and straightforward but always emphasis your strengths and why you are so special.

Places to find private sector contracts:
Advertise in the newspaper
Build relationships with people
Advertise in trade magazines
Follow press reports
Research contracts outside of the business sector
Gather information from other businesses

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