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Vision & Mission

GGC's mission is to assist small and medium size companies in expanding exponentially, establishing a presence in their...

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Case Studies

A catering company, established for more than 10 years, was trying to expand their current service to schools...

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Public Sector

Last year, the public sector invested nearly 236 billion pounds on goods and services, hence this is a great selling opportunity ...

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Private Sector

As a result of tax cuts, most small businesses that relied on these contracts will have to look elsewhere for business.

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GGC Story

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We set up GGC because we recognized that SME’s didn’t seem comfortable in applying for tenders in the public and private sectors.  Hence, they found it extremely complicated and time consuming.

Our mission is to help businesses reach their potential, with higher sales volume and profit, with established institutions.
We believe in helping companies implement and improve their management process.

Our job is to teach you how to strategically implement the management process, in order to increase your contact acceptance numbers and profits.

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