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Vision & Mission

GGC's mission is to assist small and medium size companies in expanding exponentially, establishing a presence in their...

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Case Studies

A catering company, established for more than 10 years, was trying to expand their current service to schools...

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Public Sector

Last year, the public sector invested nearly 236 billion pounds on goods and services, hence this is a great selling opportunity ...

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Private Sector

As a result of tax cuts, most small businesses that relied on these contracts will have to look elsewhere for business.

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About Us

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We are Tendering Management Specialists.
Green Growth Consulting provides quality tendering management services to SMEs having the urge to win a public & private contract.


Over the years, we have realized that most SMEs face a lot of hindrance for entering into public tenders. We assist SMEs in searching for tenders related to their field and we simplify the complexity of the process for them. We do this by helping our clients articulate the right vision and by executing tenders based on our experience in this field.

GGC's mission is to help small and medium enterprises to grow in a sustainable way and to have a strong presence in the community, working with the public and private sector. We believe that businesses working together can excel in their performance, grow in a more sustainable way, and contribute to the community, in providing services to the public and private sector. For all these reasons, our goal is to help SMEs to win public and private contracts.

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